Explore Subic

The Mangrove Resort Hotel offers the perfect setting for moments of romance, family fun, adventure, and excitement.

Whether lounging in the pool all day, indulging in a sunset cruise, or satisfying your appetite for water sports, we are at your beck and call! If you would like to truly immerse yourself and explore the great outdoors and other amusement parks that are within a drive’s reach,  click on the photos to be directed to its respective websites for more info.

The list of activities and things to do in Subic Bay are immeasurable.

Ask us how we can make your next adventure one for the books!

More Things to Do at the Mangrove Resort Hotel

Dine All Day

We provide culinary selections for your morning rise, noon bites and dinner appetite. Al fresco or room service, open from 6am-8pm daily.

Free Rental

In-house guests are welcome to avail of a complimentary one (1) hour use of the kayak or paddle board. (Subject to availability. Please call to reserve.)

Sunset Watch

Reserve a table by the pool or Waterfront Restaurant to watch the golden hour sunset. We offer a list of refreshments to satisfy your thirst.

Hotel Facilities

See why this place is a home away from home.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

Jacques Yves Cousteau

Water Activities Pricing Services Provided by Networx Jetsports
(Subject to availability and price change without prior notice. Please call us for more info.)

  • Jetski
    Per hour
    Php 4,000
  • Parasail
    10 mins. airtime
    Php 1,900
  • Hover board
    20 mins. ride
    Php 4,950
  • Flyboard
    20 Mins. ride
    Php 4,950
  • Banana Boat
    15 mins. for 4 pax
    Php 1,400
  • Bandwagon
    15 mins. for 4 pax
    php 2,000
  • Dragon Boat
    15 mins. for 4 pax
    Php 1,400
  • U.F.O.
    15 mins. for 4 pax
    Php 2,000
PUBLIC ADVISORY: AS OF NOVEMBER 2020, WE ARE NO LONGER AFFILIATED WITH: www.facebook.com/MangroveResortHotelSubic and www.mangroveresorthotel.com
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